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I've created and charged a crystal grid on each chakra as a healing tool that will assist you in working / connecting with your chakras, and overall energetic / auric field. Each chakra has a crystal / color corresponding to its energy.

Set includes all 7 chakras + a wicker basket storage.


~ You can use this piece (all together or separate) for:

Chakra Balancing / Healing work.
Distance Healing.

An Altar piece. 

Crystal Grid base (so you can incorporate your own layer of intention).


Chakra Crystals & Intentions:

  • Crown Chakra: 
    Clear Quartz | Perception, intuition, imagination, harmony.
  • Third Eye Chakra: 
    Lepidolite + Clear Quartz | Perception, intuition, imagination, harmony.
  • Throat Chakra: 
    Sodalite + Clear Quartz | Communication, self-expression, listening.
  • Hearth Chakra: 
    Pink Petalite + Clear Quartz | Unconditional love, compassion, nurture, connection.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: 
    Citrine + Clear Quartz | Personal power, self-will, courage, confidence, self-esteem.
  • Sacral Chakra: 
    Carnelian + Clear Quartz | Creative expression, allowing pleasure, goddess source, desire.
  • Root Chakra: 
    Red Jasper + Clear Quartz | Grounding, stability, physical security, support, basic needs.

    ~What are the chakras?
    In a nutshell, they are vortices of energy located throughout the body, each with an specific vibrational frequency. They are metaphysically linked with a number of different systems within the body - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. These energetic “wheels” are the easiest places in the body to exchange energy with the outside world.

    ~ Why is it important to balance our chakras?

    Our chakras can get “out of whack” in different energetic levels - it is a natural response from the body to the internal and external energetic influences. Although there are many ways to balance our chakras, these energy vortices show an amazing response to crystals, specially the ones with similar energetic frequencies.

Chakra Healing Grids Set

    • ~ Each piece is one of a kind as it is handmade and all crystals are perfectly unique and different. Colors and shapes may vary from picture.

      ~ Please consider that it is a fragile cut-out wooden piece. If too much pressure is applied, it can bend and break.

      Size and Dimensions:

      Overall size: 4 in x 4 in | 10 cm x 10 cm (Each chakra has a slight size variation)

      Disclaimer: Crystal healing therapy and Crystal Healing grids should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment. It’s not meant to replace standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside with it. The information provided here is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. Your experience is subject to your own personal interpretation as all experiences will be different. This information does not constitute business or financial advice.

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