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~ First of all, what is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned crystals/stones charged by intention and set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective, goal or desire.

~ How do they work? 
Crystal grids permit us to easily tap into source energy, assisting us, as energetic beings, in synchronizing our vibrational frequency to the one of the intention we wish to manifest. When we are in vibrational and energetic alignment with our intentions and desires, powerful magic and manifestation occurs! 

~ For a Custom Journey Crystal Grid, I will connect with your energy and channel your sacred geometric / lightcode layout, or energetic blueprint, along with crystals that reflect and align with your energetic being.

By constantly emanating your divine light, these grids will allow you to come back to center, to yourself each time you meditate with it, have it near you or stare at it. It will accompany you in your spiritual journey, supporting you in all the lessons, blessings, patterns, blockages, healing, etc that you go through.

They're a beautiful and powerful tool to align yourself with your spiritual path and self.

You’ll also receive a custom details sheet with all the information about your grid, it’s name, the energy of the crystals used, and how to work with it.

~ What I'll need from you is:
A picture of yourself and your full name, which you can send to my email:

Custom Journey Crystal Grid

  • Every piece is made to order and creation time is approximately 3 weeks.

    • This item is one of a kind as it is handmade and all crystals are perfectly unique and different.

    • Colors and shapes may vary from picture, as all custom pieces are different.

    • Please consider that the frame has no back, therefore the background color will vary depending on where you place it, or the color of the wall you hang it on.

    Size and Dimensions:

    Overall size: 8.4 in x 6.3 in | 21.3 cm x 16 cmFrame inside: 5.5 in x 3.75 in | 13.9 cm x 9.5 cm

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing therapy and Crystal Healing grids should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment. It’s not meant to replace standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside with it. The information provided here is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. Your experience is subject to your own personal interpretation as all experiences will be different. This information does not constitute business or financial advice.

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