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I've designed and created this board to be used as a body layout during Distance Energy Healing sessions, chakra balancing/work, Distance Energy Healing, or just as a crystal grid base for yourself or clients.

It features the 7 main chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra), with a surrounding sacred geometry Merkaba (light - spirit - body, vehicle of light, earth and cosmos, masculine and feminine) & Vesica Pisces symbols (consciousness, balance, divine feminine, cosmic mother, goddess energy).

There's plenty of room on the sides so you can add as many crystals / elements as you wish for your sessions or grids (as seen on the last picture), make it your own, and a beautiful part of your practice. Possibilities are endless.

Each Board will have its own characteristics, wood grain, clear quartz point perfectly unique and different on every board.

~ Materials / What it includes:

Baltic Birch wood with precision laser cut.
4 clear quartz points attached to it.

*The chakra crystals or any other stones are not included, they're shown as an example of what you can use on the board, but are not part of the board.
~ IMPORTANT: The only crystals included are the 4 clear quartz points from the first image), as they are part of the board itself.

~ Size and Dimensions:
11.5" w X 13.5" h X 1/4" thick.

Pre-Order items will be ready to ship within 3-5 weeks.
**Please send me a message after you've placed your order if this is a Christmas / Holiday Gift , thank you!!

Distance Healing / Grid Board

  • ~ Each piece is one of a kind as it is handmade and all wood / crystals are perfectly unique and different. Colors and shapes may vary from picture.

    Size and Dimensions:
    11.5" w X 13.5" h X 1/4" thick.

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing therapy and Crystal Healing grids should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment. It’s not meant to replace standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside with it. The information provided here is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. Your experience is subject to your own personal interpretation as all experiences will be different. This information does not constitute business or financial advice.

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