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In Home Crystal Grid

1:1 ~ at client's place

  • 1 h
  • 111 + Crystals*


• First of all, what is a Crystal Grid ? A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned crystals/stones charged by intention and set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective, goal or desire. • How does a Crystal Grid work? Crystal grids permit us to easily tap into source energy, assisting us, as energetic beings, in synchronizing our vibrational frequency to the one of the intention we wish to manifest. When we are in vibrational and energetic alignment with our intentions and desires, powerful magic and manifestation occurs! In an In Home Crystal Grid Ceremony, I’ll assist you in the creation of a sacred space and a crystal grid, focusing on an intention of your choice (abundance, spiritual growth, attracting love / self-love etc.), either with your stones, or stones purchased on your behalf*. Pricing: CAD $111 + Crystals (*if applicable). NOTE: If location is outside Calgary area, an extra fee may apply. After you've booked your ceremony, I'll contact you to discuss the details and collect investment. ~ I am also fluent in Spanish if you would prefer to have your ceremony in your native language.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me 24 hrs in advance. Thank you :)

Contact Details


78 Walgrove Common Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

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